Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our First Day

Our first day together was a big success.  We did a lot of what was planned, but unable to do everything.  I figured as much though.  I purposely planned more than we needed *just in case*.  I will post photos soon.  I think all three kids were engaged and had a good time. 

One thing I had forgotten to do and now realize that I need to, is to make sure each of us has a large water bottle upstairs.  We were all exhausted by the end of the day, but I think much of it had to do with dehydration.  I didn't realize this until everyone left and I was sooooo thirsty.

I am already beginning to get ideas about our next meeting.  I think I would like to focus on what plants need to grow and then focus on soil.  We can examine 'living' soil and plant another bean seed in various forms of soil-sand, compost, humus, and clay perhaps.  We can make hypothesese about the porosity of these substrates and experiment by pouring a measured amount of water through them to see how they drain.  I am sure by then I can come up with a lot more on soil as well.  I know I would love to build a mini worm bin at some point but that might not come until the 3rd day and we can use the worms as a tie in between soil and insects and other critters (sort of a good bug/bad bug day if you will).

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