Friday, March 25, 2011

Lesson Plan for Day 1 Things That Grow

begin at 10:30 ish-11:00  Opener, KWL, Being a scientist, Seed Sort, and Hypothesis (upstairs classroom)

5 minutes- read an opener TBD  book

5 minutes- adapted KWL chart  corkboard or something else to serve as a bulletin board, index cards, markers, simple plant graphics for vocab, something to pin up cards

10 minutes- Being a scientist-observation and hypothesis (see and guess), to use a magnifying glass. provide several different kinds of seeds of varying shapes, sizes, and color...document questions and comments as child observe with magnifying glasses  3 magnifying glasses, seeds of various shapes, sizes, and colors

5 minutes-  Seed sorting and diagram introduction. Allow children to sort seeds as they see fit show a simple Venn diagram and briefly show how seeds can be sorted. This is a trial activity as they may simply not understand the Venn diagram at this age, but if they don't, it will serve as a good intro for the next time we use one.  Large Paper with Venn Diagram, seeds from previous activity

5 minutes-  Making Hypotheses (guessing) Provide pumpkin seeds, apple seeds, bean seeds,pea seeds, sunflower seeds, and orange seeds. Provide pictures of the plants that are grown from these seeds and ask the children to guess which seeds grow into which plants. Make sure there are enough for each child to have their own set up. Ask them why they guessed the way they did.  Pumpkin seeds, apple seeds, bean seeds, orange seeds, pea seeds, sunflower seeds, color pictures of a pumpkin vine and pumkin, apple tree and apple, orange tree and orange, pea vines and peas, and a sunflower plant

11:00-11:30 Art project and Clean-up (upstairs classroom)

20 minutes-  Seed art, skill gluing. Allow childen to design a mosaic using seeds and glue. Show them how to apply glue and beans as in this project 
Cushion time to finish whatever we need to finish, read a book, clean up or whatever  A LOTof Glue (Elmer's), paintbrushes, 5 nice pieces of cardboard, dry beans (kidney, black beans, peas, lentils etc.) of different colors and sizes, simple designs we can quickly and easily draw for the kids, pencils 

11:30-12:30 Lunch and Play (backyard and patio)
60 minutes-  Lunch together and playtime outside. I would like to make an obstacle course that day too and the kids can play on it. I am looking at what motor skills need to be practiced. This site has a lot of good ideas. I think I will have some stuff on hand and build part of it and allow the kids to design one or two other elements.  Interesting stuff to make obstacles, lunch (I think I will make something  that I can incorporate lots of seeds into such as beans and weenies, trail mix, seeded wheat bread or corn bread, and some fruit.  I would prefer to eat family style...what do you think?)

12:30-1:00 Plant seeds and Hypothesize (backyard and inside)

30 minutes-  Plant some seeds outside in pots. Plant some in regular pots and some bean seeds in glass so that you can see underground what is happening. Take pictures of this daily and post on blog. Make sure each child can take a pot home too. Place one pot in a dark closet and have children make a hypothesis about what will happen, record.  Bean seeds and other large and easy seeds (peas, sunflowers, and anything else they might want to try), seed starting soil, hose and end sprayer, tray, watering cans, spoons for scooping dirt, large old dish for holding dirt, glass jar, observation booklet for drawing what you see (for us to assist), notepad and pencil

1:00- Close, KWL additions, and possibly another book (upstairs classroom)

5-10 minutes-  Closing...a time to add to our KWL chart and possibly read another book if there's the time or desire

*Be prepared to take home mosaic art and potted seeds with observation booklet

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